Our Wholesale Solutions

Welcome to our Wholesale Division, where we offer a seamless and reliable solution for procuring top-quality venison carcasses. As a trusted buyer, we are dedicated to supporting farm owners, outfitters, and hunters who wish to sell their venison at a fair and reasonable price.

Our meticulous process begins with a comprehensive inspection of each carcass we acquire. This step ensures that only the finest quality venison makes its way into our facility. Once approved, the carcasses undergo expert de-boning and are skillfully cut into primal cuts and trimmings by our experienced butchers.

To maintain the integrity and freshness of the venison, we carefully pack the primal cuts and trimmings separately in 30kg boxes. These boxes are promptly frozen at a temperature of -20°C, effectively preserving the meat’s flavor, texture, and nutritional value.

By providing primal cuts and trimmings in conveniently portioned packages, we offer our wholesale partners the flexibility and ease of handling required for their specific business needs. Whether you require primal cuts for further processing or trimmings for value-added products, our packaging ensures optimum convenience and efficiency.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond the procurement and processing stages. We take great care in storing and transporting the frozen venison, maintaining the cold chain to preserve its freshness until it reaches your facility.

Partnering with us as your venison supplier means gaining access to exceptional products that have undergone rigorous quality control measures. Our emphasis on precision, consistency, and reliability sets us apart, making us the preferred choice for wholesale venison.


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